Empowering recruitment leaders and business owners to achieve their full potential


Business Coach

Business coaching is a process in which a coach guides a business owner or leader in the pursuit of their work goals. Add in the demonstrable recruitment industry knowledge and experience that we possess, and you have a industry specific coach who can help you discover your full potential and achieving it, whether that be developing leaderships skills, creating a high performing culture or challenging your mindset.

10 reasons why recruitment owners and leaders should consider using a Business Coach:

  1. You want to invest time in yourself
  2. You recognise the power of external support
  3. You constantly don’t have enough time in the day
  4. You are struggling with developing a high performing culture
  5. You don’t know where the business is going
  6. You have lost your purpose and why
  7. You believe things will fall apart without you
  8. Your team has potential, but the results just aren’t being delivered
  9. You need help defining your business plan
  10. You need someone to keep you on track

How we help

Individual coaching

The benefits of a business coach are wide ranging, but all can have a substantial and positive effect on an individuals performance and the overall business results. A good coach will help you identify key challenges, smarter solutions, focus on what drives business results and developing strategies for navigating transformational growth to take your business to the next level. Learn more.

 Team Impact Assessment

Harnessing the power of the individuals to maximise the impact a team can make is at the heart of this process. Improving team cohesion, improving collective decision making and establishing how everyone will positively impact to the success of the team is our focus. If someone is making a positive contribution to a team that is valued by others, then they can start to feel genuinely included and fully engaged.

The GC Index Team Report is outcomes focussed and gives a basis and focus for team collaboration. The Team Report provides a structure, language and framework for how all members of the team can contribute to team objectives. Learn more.


We can’t always relay on our people to mold themselves around us as leaders, but we can take responsibility for understanding our behaviour better, what makes us react in certain ways and how to get the very best out of others.

DISC is the world’s #1 behavioural assessment, taken by millions of people every year and is estimated to be in use by 75% of Fortune 500 companies. DISC is a very simple, yet powerful four-quadrant framework used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate.

As DISC practitioners we can help you understand the results and how to use the data to achieve better people results as individuals or as a team.

Business Mentor

We understand that running your own business has many benefits, but it can be lonely at times. Spending regular time with an expert will give you a sounding board, help you make better business decisions, solve problems, cover your blind spots and have someone there to cheer you on when needed.

One to one mentoring

We have honestly been there and done it

By sharing our knowledge and experience, you'll be able to learn from not only our past and recent successes but also our mistakes and there have been many! We will use this to co-create plans, solutions and actions to navigate future hurdles and obstacles.

A sounding board and confidante

You can’t always plan for things going wrong, but you can surround yourself with experts to lean on and confide in when you need to vent, shout, cry and sometimes just offload. Together we will find new ideas and solutions much faster than doing it by yourself.    

Advice on how to gain control of your business

Being a world class recruiter doesn’t automatically mean you will be a brilliant business owner. We will use our commercial and operational acumen to help you gain control of your business by fully understanding how to measure, plan and run your business and teams.

Challenge you and give different perspectives

When you are running your own business and leading your own teams its easy to follow what you have done in the past and how. You will also only know what you know. We are here to challenge you personally and professionally to help you achieve the best possible results and outcomes for you and your business. 

Hold you to account

We know from experience that people perform at their optimum level when being held to account for delivering their promises, business plans or financial objectives. We will be your biggest fan, but we will also be there to give you a gentle nudge if what we agreed isn’t being delivered without good reason.

Inspire and motivate you

We are incredibly passionate about our purpose to inspire and motivate the next generation of business owners and recruitment leaders to achieve their full potential and be the best possible version of themselves. We will be there to cheer you on and celebrate the successes that we will realise as one team.   

Next steps

We don’t have a set process for one reason, everyone is different. We can meet virtually, face to face, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. What’s important to us is that we always add measurable value to you and or your business.